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Yellow Bird is always looking for new partnerships with local businesses and organizations to further its mission and vision in connecting with the community!  Yellow Bird is continually carving out worksite and recreational opportunities for our clients through community partnerships!  Contact the Owner and Managing Director, Allyson Castelli, to find out how your business or organization can support Yellow Bird clients and the community at large!

The Yellow Bird Advantage - Let us do the Work!

Flexible Employment and Learning Models - You Decide!
When choosing to partner with Yellow Bird, you have the option to determine what type of learning experience would work best for your company.  Our clients can be hired as regular employees, serve in unpaid work experiences, or volunteer for nonprofit organizations (see reverse side for more information).  You can also combine some of these options to meet your company’s needs!

Yellow Bird Consultants do the heavy lifting (free of charge to you)!
At Yellow Bird, we understand the time and effort it takes on behalf of supervisors to train, oversee, and ensure the highest quality of work from employees and volunteers.  This is where Yellow Bird comes in!  Our consultants learn the ins and outs of your company or organization and then train, supervise, and set growth goals for all Yellow Bird clients.  Yellow Bird Consultants also plan and implement learning for clients involved in unpaid work experiences.

We waste no time!
Our clients arrive to your site prepared and proficient in carrying out their tasks or learning experiences for the day!  While we ask that clients work alongside another employee in certain specialized positions, all clients are almost completely independent from the company or organization in carrying out their responsibilities.

When hiring clients as employees, you can save money with federal tax credits and benefits!

  • Subminimum Wage Certificate (SWC)
    You have the option of paying below the minimum wage since our clients are involved in a vocational training program, as long as you have an SWC at your place of business!

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
    The federal government will refund 25% of wages paid to individuals involved in a vocational rehabilitation program no matter the hourly wage and type of work!  

High-Quality Work and Attitude!
By taking on our clients, you are hiring ambitious, motivated, and driven individuals willing to learn and grow in their practice!  Clients are not forced to engage in work experiences, but make the choice to grow in their learning!

Creating a Partnership!
Yellow Bird strongly believes in community partnerships that benefit both our clients and our sponsors!  While we advocate for our clients, we also advocate for you!  You will be publicly recognized as a sponsor to our program and Yellow Bird will be sure to refer customers and patrons to your establishment!  Furthermore, Yellow Bird will also serve as a regular patron of those businesses that support our mission!

What is an Unpaid Work Experience?

You Provide the Setting and We Do All the Work!

An Unpaid Work Experience is an educational tool and an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to learn employment and career skills in order to increase their overall employability. Typically, clients spend part of their day on a job site performing essential functions of the job in order to gain skills specifically linked to their Individual Service Plan.  The work performed by the client does NOT provide an immediate advantage to the employer nor displace any regular employees.  Yellow Bird highly recommends having clients work alongside company employees to assist them in daily routine tasks that ordinarily the company would not hire for.  

Consider a Combined Experience!

Yellow Bird’s flexible work models allow for businesses to combine both employment and unpaid work experiences for all clients.  Clients can learn and work in both types of experiences throughout the week or quarterly term!  The only requirement is that paid employment is equally implemented among all clients to create balance.  

Are you a Non-Profit Organization?

Yellow Bird clients can serve as volunteers at your non-profit site!  Our agency has a desire to embrace and serve our community alongside you!  Again, Yellow Bird asks that our clients be dispersed among your agency to be exposed to different types of job roles!  Our consultants can carve out these job roles, instruct clients, and supervise their work.

Become a Partner!

If you are ready to make the leap in partnering with Yellow Bird Community Center, LLC or would just like more information, please fill out the form below!  You will hear back from us! 

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