The Yellow Bird Way!

Curriculum-Based Training
All Life Skill and Vocational Training is rooted in curriculum-based instruction.  Subjects include nutrition, vocational practices, career awareness, and life skills.  Clients track their learning through reflection-based activities and portfolio collection. Instruction is delivered in a small group or on a one-to-one basis.

Direct Instruction in the Community
Yellow Bird focuses on instruction within the community to provide direction and focus to clients throughout their learning experience.  These learning experiences are delivered in a meaningful and applicable manner so clients can directly practice these concepts in the community and at home throughout the week.  The ultimate goal of instruction is to foster a healthy and independent lifestyle.

A Culture of Goal Setting
Yellow Bird understands that clients come with varying needs, interests, and abilities.  A culture of goal setting has been established to support clients exactly where they are in growing in their abilities to become productive and independent members of their communities.  Goals are formed and tracked based on learning, current progress, and future goals as expressed by clients.

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Yellow Bird Focus Areas!

Health and Wellness Program
Yellow Bird’s Health and Wellness Program provides access to health and well-being for clients. Here, at Yellow Bird, we focus on “whole person” development that addresses both body and mind.   One day per week, clients engage in a nutrition class, cooking activity, and mindful pursuit (these pursuits include making and donating items and planting).  Throughout the week, clients have opportunities to engage in fitness activities including park hikes and activities and trips to the Recreation Center!  All clients receive a free regional pass to any Denver Recreation Center that can be used outside of programming hours.

Service Learning Projects
Yellow Bird’s Service Learning Projects focus on serving those in need in our community.  It also provides clients with work experiences within the safety and support of an understanding volunteer -based environment.  Clients are expected to use their vocational learning during volunteer experiences in order to make work purposeful and applicable to learning.  

Community-Based Outings
Yellow Bird engages clients in social outings throughout the month!  These outings provide authentic connections between clients and their communities, specifically in the Denver Metro Area! Activities include trips to:

  • Bowling Alleys & Arcades
  • Movie Theaters
  • Museums
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Local Parks
  • The Denver Zoo
  • Sports Stadiums
  • Colorado-Based Factory Tours
  • Dinosaur Ridge
  • Rocky Mountain Arsenal
  • Red Rocks Park
  • Apple Picking
  • Shopping Trips to Local Grocery Stories, Goodwill, & Dollar Tree

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Yellow Bird Partnerships!

Yellow Bird University!
Yellow Bird University is a program to fulfill the educational desires of our participants!  Clients engage in learning experiences centered on life skills, vocational skills, socialization, and team-building.  These learning experiences take place at Platt Park Church and utilize interactive models to get clients to verbalize and communicate their thoughts!

Production and Donation!
Yellow Bird University will be spearheading a new program in the Fall of 2018 called "Production and Donation."  Clients will work to produce finished goods.  These goods will be handmade and followed through by clients from beginning of the task to the packaging of the item for distribution!  Clients will be able to donate these products to local organizations and see how the work of their hands makes a difference in the lives of others!