The mission of Yellow Bird Community Center, LLC is to develop in individuals with developmental disabilities a sense of purpose, productivity, and a positive outlook for the future by connecting with families, the community, and the potential and interests waiting to be opened in our clients.

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What we Do:

Yellow Bird Community Center, LLC serves the unique needs of individuals with developmental disabilities in a complex and growing world.  Yellow Bird offers a five-year program in which clients learn and develop productive, healthy and sustaining habits that support them in adapting to adulthood. These learning experiences are all-inclusive and serve to develop the whole human.  Yellow Bird focuses on work readiness skills, community engagement, nutrition and recreation as a means to develop a full and robust lifestyle.  The goal of Yellow Bird is to teach clients to lead a healthy, productive lifestyle and to establish a life plan through established routines learned from programming and supported employment.

Yellow bird's "program without walls:"

Yellow Bird is rooted and sustained in the community.  All instruction and application occurs in community settings rather than a specialized center.  We believe immersive instruction creates an easier transfer of skills from thought to action.  We believe in immediate impact.  Our clients quickly learn how proactive behaviors promote positive responses.